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Lecture Notes (Fall 2019)

Sparse suggestions from a Spring 2018 student (97% final score):

  • Ace the quizzes. They are open book, you can do it, and while a single quiz won't yield much score, the aggregate of all quizzes do have a good weight on your final grade.
  • Read all the steps for the projects quite accurately. Teachers don't mind too much if you don't complete a step perfectly, but will complain and reduce your grade if you overlook any part of any assignment, regardless of the final outcome or of the fact that it's minimal.
  • In order to pass the exams, you must BOTH watch the lectures AND read the assigned chapters of the textbook. Peruse both, and take notes. Try understanding concepts. Some (very few) questions on the exam will just be too detailed and fine-grained for you to remember them, but most of the other ones will be quite generic and conceptual. So, don't get lost in details that you won't be able to remember, ever, and focus on main concepts.