Was: CS8803-O01 Special Topics: Artificial Intelligence For Robotics

An introduction to programming for robotics, taught by Sebastian Thrun himself. Other than a project this course very closely follows the freely available Udacity course, so go ahead and start before the semester and you can copy/paste from there into the GA Tech class to pass assignments.

This is a fairly easy class for an entire semester. Homework is to implement experiments and functions from the lecture in Python on Udacity. Almost all assignments, Thrun goes through his working code if you skip ahead, which can make this absurdly easy.

(Note: the class had constantly evolved and new projects were introduced. Consider asking around for recent information to get a better assessment of time commitments.)

Knowing Python ahead of time is helpful. Kalman and particle filters get a bit complex.

The book Probabilistic Robotics is useful on a couple more complex things like implementing Kalman filters. It's fairly basic on other topics. You can get through the class without it.