General Information

Syllabus and schedule for the Spring 2017 offering are online here.

Ungraded course labs are available Dr. Sun's here. The assignments go much deeper than these do, but they are a useful resource for setting up your environment(s) and getting your feet wet with the technologies you'll learn during the course.


Prep Strategy/Tips

  • Complete the labs on your own: Just setting up the environment beforehand for each lab, will save you lots of time when you have to work on the assignments.
  • Don't just copy/paste the source from the labs, try to solve the exercises on your own, and/or try to understand what does each line of code do.
  • You don't really need to complete a 3-4 months long course in Scala to succeed in this class. If you understand each line of code from the first four labs in this page, you will be fine: