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CS 6035 Introduction to Information Security
CS 6210 Advanced Operating Systems
CSE 6220 Intro to High-Performance Computing
CSE 6242 Data and Visual Analytics
CS 6250 Computer Networks
CS 6262 Network Security
CS 6290 High Performance Computer Architecture
CS 6300 Software Development Process
CS 6310 Software Architecture and Design
CS 6340 Software Analysis and Test
CS 6400 Database Systems Concepts and Design
CS 6440 Intro to Health Informatics *ON HIATUS Spring 2017
CS 6460 Educational Technology
CS 6475 Computational Photography
CS 6476 Computer Vision
CS 6505 Computability, Complexity, & Algorithms **DISCONTINUED Fall 2017, replaced by CS 8803 GA Graduate Algorithms beginning Spring 2017**
CS 6601 Artificial Intelligence
CS 6750 Human-Computer Interaction
CS 7637 Knowledge-Based Artificial Intelligence
CS 7641 Machine Learning
CS 7642 Reinforcement Learning
CS 7646 Machine Learning for Trading
CS 8803-GA GA Graduate Algorithms
CSE 6250 Big Data for Health Informatics
CS 8803-O01 Artificial Intelligence for Robotics
CS 8803-O02 Introduction to Operating Systems
CS 8803-O04 Special Topics: Embedded Software
CS 8803-O07 Special Topics: Cyber-Physical Systems Security
CS 8803-O08 Compilers - Theory and Practice