Welcome to the Succeed in OMSCS wiki.

This site was created for new and existing students in Georgia Tech OMSCS program.

If this is your first time on this wiki, you should probably start by checking the pages below.


Video mini-course

See the video mini-course on how to Succeed In OMSCS. Let us know if you want to help expand this video course.


Get information on OMSCS courses

You can find information on existing OMSCS courses here. See past schedules, required textbooks, and how to prepare for classes.


OMSCS resources

Check out the huge list of resources here. It includes a FAQ!


New to OMSCS?

Just admitted? Get ideas here on what to do next!


Help requests

Looking for something that's not here? Want to pitch in but don't know where to start? See the list of courses/topics that need more info!

What are you waiting for?

Get a lot of new information about OMSCS program. Don't be shy to share your knowledge with other students!