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  • Google+
    • There are smaller sub-communities for geographic areas, courses and interests. The full list is here.
    • G+ FAQ.
  • Slack
    • Most courses have active channels. Some are frequented by TAs. A good source of chatter and quick sanity checks.
  • Reddit
    • Most questions focus on entrance requirements. Each semester there is a master thread where applicants list their qualifications and the university decision.
    • Reddit FAQ.

Resources created by/for students

Ryan Wingate's compilation of OMSCS Survival Notes

Map of OMSCS students

OMSCS Internal Job Posting Worksheet

Paul Jarrett's Survival Guide

Graduation Paths from Current and Past Students


Udacity Video Processor - Script for taking downloaded Udacity video files and combine them into a format that is ideal for importing to media libraries.

Software available to students

Software provided by GT

Microsoft Office 365



GitHub Student Developer Pack

Additional list of software and discounts for OMSCS students

Course content

  • Udacity
    • Delivery of all lecture content and quizzes. Some courses count completion of quizzes as part of final grades.
    • Note that you can have 2 accounts on Udacity. Official Gatech account and a personal account. The content will differ.
    • Useful mini-courses for new students:
      • OMSCS Student Orientation
      • Linear Algebra Refresher
  • Canvas
    • Platform for assignments and grades throughout the semester.
  • Piazza
    • The official forum for courses. Questions for professors and TAs can be posted here.

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T-Square (deprecated course site)